Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much are condo dues?
A:  Currently $170 dollars a month; most owners use our online payment option from Prima Management.

Q:  I want to go from cable to satellite I have the installer put up a dish?
A:  No, there is a communal dish for each of the four buildings.  DO NOT PUT UP A DISH! Please call Star Satellite
for service at 608-831-7827.

Q: What is the policy on grills?
A: The association complies with the City of Madison's Fire Department guidelines. In addition, check with our property manager for more information on what can and cannot be stored on the porches or in the garages.

Q: Can I put up a storm door?
A: Yes. The approved door is Larson's "First Impression". It is a clear, full view door available from Menards. Get either a White or Sandstone door to match your building's exterior. All buildings use the brushed nickel door handles.

Q: When are garbage and recycling days?
A: Garbage is collected every Wednesday, and recycling every other Wednesday. If you do not retrieve your bins within 24 hours you are subject to a fine.

Q:  Are there new owner fees?
A: Yes, $1,000. The money goes towards our reserves to ensure our association remains financially stable.

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